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On July 15, 2003 Nortel Networks announced that no new Meridian Mail systems,
introduced in 1988, would be shipped beyond Q4 2004.

 Teleco Telephone can now offer a cost-effective alternative to CallPilot,
which retains all the power and features of Meridian Mail.

Supporting all Meridian 1 and Norstar PBXs as well as any Nortel systems that are capable of using 2616 handsets.

All the normal features of Meridian Mail with the following Enhancements:


Expandable from 2 lines upwards.
Unlimited Voicemail Boxes
Unlimited Auto Attendants
Unlimited Classes of Service
Unlimited Audio-Text Information Delivery
Operator transfer at any point.
Multilingual prompts based on mailbox preference or incoming call identification.
Message of the day for all users.
Familiar User Interface now with a simplified single key or mnemonic user interface.
  • Multiple Auto-Receptionist’s can operate simultaneously as primary interfaces or as backup to a receptionist, individuals, or departments.
  • Easy-to-use menus, including dial by name or transfer to a human receptionist, all guide your callers swiftly to their destination.
  • Assists callers through the menus combining power with ease of use.
  • Auto-Receptionist menus are configurable, each providing powerful features for call handling or information delivery.
  • Auto-Receptionist can operate on pre-set schedules to process calls, routing calls differently based on time of the day, or day of the week, and even knows all your company holidays.
  • Offer simple to use Dial By Name service for enhanced routing option to callers.
  • The administrator can change any company greetings at any time.
  • Functioning as an Information Desk, Teleco Telephone can offer answers to commonly asked questions through AudioText delivery.

Unified Communications

Message delivery via eMail that is not client dependant.  Works with all eMail systems, and requires no user licenses.
Message delivery to any telephone, cell phone or pager.
Cellular text message notification via SMS.
Notification to multiple numbers/devices with time and day controls.

Secure Fax
Fax On Demand
FollowMe Services
Web Access
Hotel Systems
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